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Is Sevilla really changing or just updating?

Sevilla is a very historical city. From romans, muslims to christians Sevilla have changed a lot, even they have changed the river bed of Guadalquivir! Sevilla was founded by romans as Hispalis, but later, the city was called Ishbiliya by muslims.

The last thirty years in Sevilla have been very important about changing the city. Sevilla is a largest city of Andalucía, therefore we have improved our transportation creating long and short distance trains, underground (metro) , tram, community bicycle programme and roads (A92, SE30, A4...)

Let's stalk about the tram. Do you think the tram is new in Sevilla? Obviously not! Early twentieth century we had it yet but in 2007 the new tram, MetroCentro, was opened.

Old tram

The economy of Sevilla is varied. The city center is based on tourism while areas like Nervión, Viapol, La Cartuja are dedicated to business, offices and science. The city centre has changed, for example we have built "Setas de la Encarnación". It's a structure that has a market, restaurants, a museum and a viewpoint. This place, before known as Plaza de la Encarnación has become a famous area in Sevilla.

Plaza de la Encarnación

Las Setas

The last project in Seville is Cajasol Tower (or Pelli Tower), a polemical one. It's because the tower have a height of 180 metres, 79 metres higher than Giralda and it will change the skyline of Sevilla, but it will boost the economy. However, Sevilla is a beautiful place in the world.

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