miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

A normal day in Seville

For a normal day in the week, you get up, drink a coffe, take your car and go to your job. After working you have breakfast. When you finish your work you maybe go to the bar to drink a beer or sometimes go home directly. 

At weekends, you can go to a football match, go to the cinema, visit the city center. There, you always have something new to visit, for example a carnival in Alameda de Hercules, there's also exposition in Bellas Artes Museum. Then you go to eat in a terrace, maybe drink some Cruzcampo Beer or Tinto de Verano (obviously always with tapas). I have never experienced such an incredible feelings: Sun, cold beer and Seville.

Seville, my city, is bigger than Huelva (our nearby city). It has many neighbourhoods, even some people that Triana is a different city because it's a big neighbourhood. Seville has a subway and a tram, it's easier to move in Seville. We have more than six cinemas comparated with Huelva, only two. We have two powerful football teams and the whole city feel proud with it. Our weather is hotter and drier than Huelva. Huelva has beach but Sevilla has an artificial beach. Sevilla is the most populated city in Andalucía with more than half million of people.

People think sevillian are lazy, party-loving, friendly and that they always have a flower and the comb on theirs head. It's not true, well, maybe we're party lovers but everybody love it. Sevillian are happy people, tourist-cared, friendly, grateful and hard-working too. We are proud of our city, we love to show our culture. Sevillian are very different than basques; sevillian are more expressives than basques. They are talking-lovers, dancing and singing lovers. Basques are more reserved, shy and withdrawn.

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